Blogging about our family's Malamutes

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Luna – We Are Addicted to Malamutes

Two Malamutes were fun and although they didn’t live in the same home, Zoey with Meital and our parents and Ty with me (Itay) and Ido, they did get to meet every day. Our parents, well, specifically our mom, who was converted into a dog lover (at least the big ones), one day while standing outside on the balcony with Meital, dropped […]

Ty – Two Malamutes Are Better Than One

Well, we had so much fun with Zoey, that we decided that two Malamutes are better than one. It took us only a few months to get to that idea and immediately we went to talk with Ayelet Shushan again, but this time, about a male. We also wanted to make sure, that the male […]

Zoey – Our First Alaskan Malamute

Since Meital was young she was dreaming about having a dog in our family and our mom was afraid of dogs and didn’t allow her to get one. It started while she was in kindergarten. The neighbor had an Alaskan Malamute and Meital loved him. She used to play with him in every opportunity she […]